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Missing Number

import java.util.*;;
class rand extends Random
 public int generate()
 return nextInt(10);
public class Missingnum {
 public static void main(String args[])
 int i;
 int [] a= new int[10];
 rand r1 = new rand();
 HashSet h1= new HashSet ();
 HashSet h2= new HashSet ();

 for (i=0;i<10;i++)

 h1.add(a[i]);//removes duplicate elements.
 System.out.println("HashSet contains"+ h1);

 if(!h1.contains(i))//add all elements which are not in h1 to h2.

 System.out.println("Numbers not in HashSet"+h2);

 if(!h1.contains(i))//add remaining elements to h1

 System.out.println("Numbers now in HashSet H1"+h1);

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