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About Me

Life isn’t about finding yourself. Life is about creating yourself.
                                                                               George Bernard Shaw.

Hello!My name is Arpit Tak and I Welcome you to my blog. I hope you find the information that I post helpful and informative. Many of the links I am including on this blog are resources that I use frequently in my life as a catalogue. Other links contain topics of interests, additional resources that some of you might find interesting, and links to websites that I enjoy in my spare time.

Most of the time every day however, is still spent thinking about and doing something new. And writing this blog is a way of organizing the somewhat random way I think. I like the process of thinking mostly when I am engaged/talking with someone clueful and I hope the writing here sparks a few good discussions here . Discussions are always welcome – and free.Please feel free to comment with questions or requests! I have also collated some blogs that I find interesting and useful in my blogroll so you might like to have a nosey around their blogs too!.

I am working to include information about a variety of things ranging from Programming to Algorithms, Operating Systems Cloud Computing. Interview Tips to Getting a job, Free Templates to Linux ,everything that i have come up with ,during my graduation. I am hoping to be able to contribute with some helpful hints to simplifying and share information I have learned over the years and wish I had known earlier.

 You can also find me at: http://arpittak.com

In case of any query contact me at me@arpittak.com


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