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import java.util.Scanner;

 * Simple Java program to reverse a number in Java using loop and operator
 * This program also shows example of using division operator(/) and Remainder Operator(%)
public class ReverseNumberExample {

public static void main(String args[]) {
 //input number to reverse
 System.out.println("Please enter number to be reversed using Java program: ");
 int number = new Scanner(System.in).nextInt();

 int z = number%10;
 System.out.println(z); // testing purpose

int reverse = reverse(number);
 System.out.println("Reverse of number: " + number + " is " + reverse(number));


 * reverse a number in Java using iteration
 * @return reverse of number
 public static int reverse(int number){
 int reverse = 0;
 int remainder ;
 remainder = number%10;
 reverse = reverse*10 + remainder;
 number = number/10;

 }while(number > 0);

 return reverse;





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